Get There Moving Hotline!: 718-599-9100

This organization was started by two old friends who share a vision for a better moving business, founded upon trust, respect and years of experience. Owner Ed Hourigan was a key player for 6 years in another top-rated moving company here in NYC. Now, we're going out on our own, and we're taking a careful selection of our crew with us. We know the lay of the land in New York City and we know the moving industry from top to bottom. As a small company, quality control is not a problem for us. We maintain a small staff of skilled movers that are good communicators, and that are all well-experienced in the nuances of the job: packing boxes, wrapping/prepping furniture, loading dollies, running stairs, packing the truck, tight doorways/stairwells and bulky objects, strict building-management moving restrictions, parking hassles, and (how to dodge) traffic jams (when possible). We have a moving license issued by the NYSDOT (T-38073), and as required by their regulations we carry substantial liability and motor cargo insurance. Please feel free to give us a call anytime for a quote by phone. We offer competitive flat rates as well as hourly rates, and we have eliminated the customary swarm of add-on fees. Our goal is total customer satisfaction, and we know how to Get There.

Get There Moving