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2021-02-27 Name: Wade Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"The whole crew was super helpful, friendly, and effective. Would gladly use these guys again" Overall Score:9/10

2021-02-25 Name: Hailey Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"I had an amazing experience with Get There Moving- smoothest moving experience I have ever had! They showed up prepared and on time and had us packed and unpacked under the 3 1/2 hours we reserved. The guys were professional, kind, and handled all of our delicate items (first time nothing was broken in the transition). I cannot recommend Get There Moving enough- a 11/10 experience!" Overall Score:10/10

2021-02-14 Name: Seth Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"Second time using you and everything went smoothly. Great job once again." Overall Score:10/10

2021-02-09 Name: Olivia Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"It went really well. The team was professional, nice and efficient. The only thing we didn’t get that would have been helpful is boxes in advance. " Overall Score:9/10

2021-02-08 Name: Theodora Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"Everything went smoothly. The crew were professional and friendly, and moved quickly but not carelessly. I would enthusiastically recommend this company to anyone, especially for an interstate move. The price was lower than quotes received from national companies and they did same-day delivery which was not promised by any other company I contacted. 11/10 " Overall Score:10/10

2021-02-04 Name: Miranda Reference List: N/A Driver: Sean
"Moving day was stress free and easy. I stood masked, at a safe distance, near a window and the wonderful team of movers handled everything. It was a breeze. Ed was also incredibly responsive via email and made me feel very calm a leading up to the whole ordeal. Moving is an awful experience in general (the packing, the time crunch, the unpacking) but I am very grateful for all the help—will absolutely use this company again! A great experience all around." Overall Score:9/10

2021-01-28 Name: Natalie Reference List: N/A Driver: Sean
"The move with Sean went great. The crew arrived ahead of schedule, packed up the boxes to transport them to the storage space. I received a call to ensure they got into the storage space and the job was complete. It went according to plan, without an hitches. The whole experience from getting the quote, to scheduling, to the moving day was stress-free due to the great crew, staff and management. Thank you!" Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-28 Name: Heidi Reference List: N/A Driver: Zach
"Overall I think they did a good job. The three guys were hard-working and personable. Just a few comments. I left the NYC apartment about 15 minutes before they were done and when I went back to get out of apartment one last time over the weekend I saw that they left a mess -so they didn't clean up the tape and their packing garbage - tape stuck to floor etc. And then when they moved a sofa sleeper to my lower level in NJ they did some damage to my walls (which didn't seem to faze them at all as they saw me trying to clean it up). In three significant areas one of which will not only need to be painted by spackled as well given how deep the scratch/mark is. While this would not prevent me from using you again for an appropriate local move I would not hire you again to get that couch up from my lower level !" Overall Score:7/10

2021-01-27 Name: Ulysses Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"The move went excellent. The team was very fast, efficient and friendly. I would hire them again and again. I will also recommend any and everyone to this company. It made moving a lot less dreadful. Blessings. " Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-27 Name: Rebecca Reference List: N/A Driver: Sean
"The movers were great. Got there 5 minutes early. My stuff was already packed, but they moved everything neatly and carefully to the wheelie carts and made everything fit into one freight elevator trip. Very professional and fast. Thank you!!!" Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-26 Name: George Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"Our move was excellent! Travis and team arrived ahead of schedule, and were incredibly efficient with a fairly difficult move down four flights of stairs and to a suburb of NYC. The whole team was extremely pleasant and accommodating, and all our furniture, boxes and other items were handled very carefully. Would book again for any move in the future!" Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-22 Name: Kevin Reference List: N/A Driver: Zach
"Great! Very quick and efficient job. Already recommended you to a friend. " Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-19 Name: Kathleen Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"This is my second time working with Get There Moving and once again, I was completely impressed. The stress I used to feel on moving days is gone - the whole team is so careful and thorough and I would trust them with any move I were ever to make." Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-18 Name: Shannon Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"Excellent professional service. Movers are a well oiled machine and experienced. Arrived on time and very caring of our belongings. I would highly recommend this company above any others. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-15 Name: Saurabh Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"Couldn’t have gone better. Travis arrived a half hour early giving us an opportunity to discuss the day and the plan, and him and his crew (Sean and Louis) proceeded to complete my entire move in 3.5 hours when I expected it to take 6. The entire team was diligent, gentle, and extremely professional. This was the best move experience I’ve ever had and will happily recommend Get There to anyone I know in the area who needs to move. " Overall Score:10/10

2021-01-09 Name: Emmanuelle Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"Zach and Jose were on time at the pick-up location. Everything went extremely smoothly, and quickly. Both gentlemen were very friendly, courteous, pleasant, and knew their stuff. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and with their service, and I would definitely recommend get there moving to friends, or use this service myself again, if need be. Thank you." Overall Score:10/10

2020-12-31 Name: Blair Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"The Get There Moving Co was fantastic. Very helpful and professional. I had a troublesome mattress and they were able to problem solve and got it down and then up a flight of stairs with no damage. All my belongings were treated respectfully with no damage. Nice guys. Good Service. The price was fair and well worth it for the time and energy expended. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-12-29 Name: William Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"Fast move bringing a heavy china cabinet from one floor to the next. Personable and professional!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-12-29 Name: Beth Reference List: N/A Driver: Zach
"The team was great! They moved us very quickly and everything was seamless!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-12-19 Name: Lexi Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"Travis did a great job, especially with such a complicated move. He had to pick up items in NYC and in NJ, coordinating with different people in each location. Everyone was professional and helpful (and this was the least expensive quote I received!) Very satisfied." Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-23 Name: Trey Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"Travis and his team were incredibly nice from when I first opened the door to when I closed it after they finished the job. And they were fast, careful and safe. It was a perfect moving experience! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-22 Name: Pauline Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Travis
"The movers at Get There are the most professional I've ever worked with. They had their paperwork submitted in a timely fashion and were punctual. They were very careful with our items, and very worked so hard to get our furniture to where it needed to be, even when it seemed that the space might be too small. This is my second time working with them, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for moving services. " Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-21 Name: Kaitlyn Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"Amazing!! Pros did a great job, went above and beyond. Simple easy quick move with them." Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-20 Name: Samantha Reference List: Yes!(contact us for email) Driver: Zach
"Our move was as smooth and quick as possible!! The staff was jovial, accommodating, professional, and kind and we are very happy with the experience. Thank you Get There!" Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-17 Name: Liotte Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"So highly recommended! Ed was great at quickly answering emails. Travis, Louis, and Troy arrived on time (with masks), took apart and wrapped furniture and moved everything out of my walk-up building and packed it super well into a storage unit. They were fast, efficient, friendly, and did such a great job. Will 100% book them when Covid is gone and it's time to move back to NYC." Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-15 Name: RENEE Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"Travis and his crew arrived on time with a positive attitude and ready to work! They were fast friendly and organized. The move was smooth and efficient. Exceeded my expectations! " Overall Score:10/10

2020-11-07 Name: Zachary Reference List: N/A Driver: Travis
"The move went extremely smooth - Travis was very professional and efficient. Would highly recommend and will continue to book with this company going forward. Thanks for such a great experience!!" Overall Score:10/10